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Data Protection

HCA is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. The confidentiality of your information is of paramount concern to HCA. To this end, HCA fully complies with data protection legislation and medical confidentiality guidelines. Information submitted to HCA over this website is normally unprotected until it reaches us. Users are requested not to send confidential details or credit card numbers, for example, by email, unless specifically requested by HCA.

We will retain data about you which we obtain as a result of you visiting this website. We may use that information to provide you with details of products or services (whether provided by us or others) which we believe may interest you, unless you indicate at the relevant part of the Website to the contrary.

When you send an email or complete an enquiry form, HCA will not share your email address or private information with anyone outside of the HCA Group, with the exception of consultants who provide the services about which you are enquiring or other suppliers (in particular those who support our IT systems) who are under strict confidentiality requirements.