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Where can I be treated?

Our group of hospitals and outreach clinics make up a network of healthcare facilities across London.


Who will take care of me?

We offer consultant led care, which means that your named consultant will be responsible for your treatment at every stage.


We’re here to help you

Our dedicated team can help you through the booking process, discussing which consultants are available and where you can be treated.

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What we offer our self pay customers

HCA Healthcare UK - Self Pay Treatments

Throughout the HCA Healthcare UK network of hospitals we offer a large number of different treatments and surgical procedures for different health problems.

To help make some of our more common treatments more accessible, we guarantee to fix the price of your treatment prior to it taking place, which means there will be no unexpected bills if for clinical reasons you need to stay longer.

We are continuing to work on setting up new packages, to make our treatments more accessible for you. If you can’t find the treatment you’re looking for, or are not eligible for our packages, please contact our team, who can help you find a quote for a wider range of procedures, or a more complex treatment. Our self pay team will work to ensure you receive a competitive price no matter what your treatment requirements are.

The price we guarantee covers all costs related to your surgical admission including:

  • Pre-operative assessment
  • Hospital fees (nursing, accommodation, food)
  • Surgeons fees
  • Anaesthetist fees
  • The price of any standard prosthesis, if required
  • Physio during your stay, if required
  • Take home medication, stitches and dressing changes
  • A follow-up consultation, if required

We are confident in the care we provide and also guarantee if there is a clinical need for you to be re-admitted to our hospital, you will not be charged.

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HCA Healthcare UK - Self Pay Treatments

Confidence in our Quality

We like to let our figures speak for themselves, so please take a look at our most recent results relating to patient outcomes, infection control and accreditation. HCA Healthcare UK also monitored and regulated by independent bodies the Care Quality Commission and CHKS.

Our latest results
HCA Healthcare UK - Self Pay Treatments

Bedside Stories

Our approach to healthcare isn’t just clinical. We like to see the personal stories behind the statistics. Patients from the HCA Group including London Bridge, The Wellington, Portland and Lister Hospitals share their experiences of being treated at our facilities and the care they received.

Read their stories
HCA Healthcare UK - Self Pay Treatments

Let’s talk some more

To help you make a decision on the best way forward with your health, we host local open evenings, with our doctors, so you can learn more about what’s available for you, and ask any questions you might have about your treatment and post operative care.

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